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12 Months of Movies 2007: December

I have to have more tickets than this, because December was a great, great month indeed. Australia saves everything for Summer, which is why I had the October drought. It was almost worth it for what I witnessed in December … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: November

I’m not sure if I’ve got all of my tickets from November, but it turned out pretty well. Let’s look at it, but not the Japanese Film Festival. That exists in an alternate universe that may some day collide with … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: October

This is it, my friends: the elephant’s graveyard. I wish I had seen Eastern Promises. (If I was smart, I would make montages of each month’s movies, kind of like a Star Wars poster. You know I’m not smart.)

12 Months of Movies 2007: September

September: the month before the drought. Until December, the rest of the year would be pretty lean. Summer is a huge time for movies here, so for some reason Spring has to really suffer. It’s a good thing that September … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: August

August was a month where I made the pilgrimage to the end of Oxford Street not once, but twice! It therefore yielded some very fine movies indeed. It is around this point that I look at one of my very, … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: July

You saw how big June was. July was practically a tiny picnic by comparison. We begin our journey in the delightful and heartbreaking world of children, before ruining the universe with our second-to-last film. Join me, and we can try … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: June

June! June! Home of the Sydney Film Festival 2007! It was an amazing event providing somewhere in the vicinity of 290 movies, I believe – if not 375. I saw about ten of them! I only liked … less than … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: May

What was I doing in May this year? I did not realise the nature of the drought until I consulted the diary. Talk about your mixed bag month, too! Some of it was left field, but not all of it … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007: April

Here’s my impression of what happened in April 2007: Alex:Hey, April 2007! Impress me! April 2007: Okay! Bawitaba, ba doo da dee diddy diddy … Alex: What the fuck? April 2007: I dunno, it played well in the frats!

12 Months of Movies 2007: March

I realised at some point that I came to expect every month to provide bountiful riches. While I want to punch anyone who subscribes to Sturgeon’s Law in the face (I mean, what are the chances you’re ever going to … Continue reading