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Beginners is the sort of movie that I’m required by law to love, but I couldn’t. Emotional distance is a huge factor in too many contemprary movies: fundamentally broken characters who don’t care about fixing themselves, choosing instead to fixate … Continue reading

Maybe the Moon

Maybe The Moon is Armistead Maupin’s biggest deviation from type in his career. The first non-Tales book he wrote, it’s a paean to a departed friend and gives Maupin a chance to reveal a different voice. This voice can be … Continue reading

Mary Ann in Autumn

Michael Tolliver lives! … Again! A three year gap is significantly less than eighteen years. On top of that, this is the first Tales of the City book that I have read contemporaneously. Do you have any idea how strange … Continue reading

Michael Tolliver Lives

I know that an exclamation mark would be hyperbolic, but I think that, after an 18 year absence, “Michael Tolliver Lives!” is an appropriate title. Abandoned by his author in 1989, Michael Tolliver has been up to a lot in … Continue reading


Brüno is a difficult movie, to put it lightly. It is frequently very funny, but overall it’s not very good – neither in story nor in message. Perhaps, given my position as an internationally renowned homosexual fashionista, this movie hits … Continue reading

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

The final shots of this movie can essentially be summarised thusly: Yep, well, looks like we have to get real jobs now. … but we’re flying! Soaring! The tale of the first group of Wildcats draws to a close in … Continue reading

Vote No on Proposition 8

It would be a bad idea for to suddenly become some sort of political platform but, as I’ve said, this is a pretty dang important week in American politics. This being the case, I’d like to take the opportunity … Continue reading

Marching for fake rights in video games

I’ll admit that I get frustrated when a video game offers a lesbian option for your protagonist but not a gay one. (And, for the sake of this write-up, “gay” and “lesbian” are two sides of the same coin, divided … Continue reading

Godless Liberals: The Ruination of America

Shamus has put me in the mind of the past with his talk of Mass Effect and its HARDCORE NONEXISTENT SEX. I know that this post doesn’t exist (this one does), but it’s like a time capsule for me. This … Continue reading

Field observations from a three time veteran of the Clubs

On the weekend, I made only my third pilgrimage to Oxford Street and the Midnight Shift. Along the way, I saw someone I recognised through work, wearing checked pants and a sort of emo style of makeup – he gave … Continue reading