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Godless Liberals: The Ruination of America

Shamus has put me in the mind of the past with his talk of Mass Effect and its HARDCORE NONEXISTENT SEX. I know that this post doesn’t exist (this one does), but it’s like a time capsule for me. This … Continue reading

Happy things

After all of my Heroes rage, and after Tim Kring admitted that episodes one to six of series two sucked, I decided that I’d share a couple of happy thoughts with the world: On the weekend, I had the finest … Continue reading

A Wench in the Works

I was discussing the airbrushing of homosexuality from 300 with my friend and writing partner Andy. I claim that, despite Frank Miller and Zack Snyder’s best efforts, a single homosexual couple remains in the movie. Andy posited simply that men … Continue reading

Coming Out is not normally a “personal” blog (and I secretly hate that word), although one would hope that you get the “flavour of Alex” from the consumption of its words. The following subject perhaps doesn’t make good reading, but I … Continue reading