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Be the Ball: For the love of Pokémon

I wrote this for my university course Computer Games and Simulation. Within a 1,500 word frame, I discuss obtaining Pokémon … sort of. Since 1996, the children of Japan have striven to be the very best, like no one ever … Continue reading

Productivity never to be achieved again! Panic on the streets of the internet!

Perhaps you are familiar with my friends the Pokémon. I have been friendly with them since 1998, and they have rewarded me by winging their way into my home come tomorrow. Expect to never hear from me again! … unless … Continue reading

Killin’ Zombies for Plasma … or Glory?

Pulazumaaaa! You may recall that in October I said of Dead Rising As it stands, I don’t feel like playing Dead Rising ever again. Times change. People change. The moment that I finished Dead Rising I lent it to a … Continue reading

Oblivion: Confessions of an Axolot

Did you ever notice that the game Olivion has so much of everything (including bugs) that it feels like just as much of nothing (except bugs)? I’ve been playing for 94 hours and, with each minute spent, I feel more … Continue reading

Perfect Dark: Rejected Commission

It’s a little known fact* that Rare commissioned me to write the novelisation of the game Perfect Dark Zero. Given the information that they provided me, I came up with the following …

Viva! Piñata!

Having been quite underwhelmed by Perfect Dark Zero (more on that later), and having yet to try Kameo (soon, my sweet), I’m finding myself eagerly anticipating Rare’s next effort, Viva Piñata: Moral of the story? Kids are suckers!

Dead Rising: Becoming a Better Person Through Disembowelment

This is about my fourth attempt at writing something about Dead Rising. You would have been better served if I chronicled my experience in instalments, because my attitudes changed dramatically over the days … but I was too busy playing … Continue reading

Rareware! Eat your filthy lies!

This article marks the first instance of the “Hyper Bowl” category of this site. Any article marked “Hyper Bowl” is going to be uninformed and indignant, or uninformed and enthusiastic. Which flavour Alex are you going to get in each … Continue reading

Shadow Man (Dreamcast)

Yes, this is for the N64 version, but it’s the same game. Maybe I should have written this before I chose to start playing The Ocarina of Time: Master Quest again. Still, here I go anyway. Back in 1999, I … Continue reading

Shadowrun (SNES)

Shadowrun is probably best described as the cyberpunk equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons. It would be inspired by, some might say derivative of, the works of William Gibson were it not for its anathematic dwarfs, trolls and elves. Shadowrun was … Continue reading