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Condemned: Criminal Origins

What do you mean, it’s the wrong Condemned? It’s a sad fact that I have a natural affinity for cheap games. When I saw the PC version of Condemned sitting on a shelf, mocking me with its $5 pricetag, I … Continue reading

Mass Effect in Brief

My initial impressions of Mass Effect‘s overall package: Prologue planet: This isn’t a war, it’s a moider. Citadel incursion: Politics, eh? You’d better give me some of those. Planet the first: Save the Diva Plavalaguna! Planet the second: Protect the … Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto IV: Genetically Superior?

Look, it’s the game of the year! It has an “Oscar worthy” storyline! … then why is it so limited in scope, even compared to GTA III? In the things you can’t unsee department: she has six fingers on her … Continue reading

Mass Effect: I don’t think you want to do that.

You may recall that I wrote a very tangential piece a few months back that was, in theory about homosexual paths in video games, which then developed into a general theory that, for the most part, choice in video games … Continue reading

Runaway: Drag Queens in the Desert

When it comes to Runaway: A Road Adventure, I’m pretty sure I’m not trying anymore. I had forgotten how obscure video game solutions could be, and was grateful that Pendulo Studios were kind enough to have created a game that … Continue reading

Marching for fake rights in video games

I’ll admit that I get frustrated when a video game offers a lesbian option for your protagonist but not a gay one. (And, for the sake of this write-up, “gay” and “lesbian” are two sides of the same coin, divided … Continue reading

Video Games Hate Me, or: Saved by the Spanish

A few weeks back, I got Megaman Powered Up for my PSP. You may have heard of the PSP: it’s that machine which is used to remake PS One games and not much else, really. Well, Megaman Powered Up is … Continue reading

Godless Liberals: The Ruination of America

Shamus has put me in the mind of the past with his talk of Mass Effect and its HARDCORE NONEXISTENT SEX. I know that this post doesn’t exist (this one does), but it’s like a time capsule for me. This … Continue reading

Live from the Moon!

Fellow citizens! I come to you from a strange and wondrous place. You see, I find myself in Doenau Wine Country, tapping this to you on my Wii. It is easier than expected while still somewhat tedious. And I’m floating … Continue reading

I used to hate Microsoft, but I’ve turned that situation around 360 degrees!

My XBox 360 appears to be taking something of a nap. A nap with its friend the Red Ring of Death. Now, I don’t think that the life span of an innocent console should be a mere eight months, but … Continue reading