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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Nine Hours. Nine Persons. Nine Doors. A survival horror visual novel, 999 is much more of a reading exercise with occasional puzzles thrown in than it is a game. This does nothing to dampen the experience, but it will be … Continue reading

Narrative Momentum, Dead Rising and You

Everyone knows that Frank West was anything but an intellectual, but he made do in a situation that he had no idea he was getting himself in to. Sadly, Chuck Greene makes Frank look like a genius worthy of a … Continue reading

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising is one of my favourite games ever. I spent the week before last playing it in preparation for Dead Rising 2. The more obvious way to prepare for the coming Game of the Year™ lies in playing Dead … Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Remember how, a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed Scott Pilgrim as a comic but had some misgivings? In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Edgar Wright has taken all of those aspects that I had misgivings about and vomited them onto the screen as a candy-coated exercise in overstimulation.

Yes, meth amphetamine laced cinematic upchuck, liberally applied to a silver screen near you! I know that I’m going to get in trouble for this (realistically I’m not, because no one is going to care what I think), but I really did not enjoy Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Continue reading

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

It’s time that someone accepted it, but no one will: a video game movie doesn’t have to be bad. A video game movie doesn’t have to be like a video game. A video game movie can be lighthearted fun. A … Continue reading

Mass Effect: The Road to Shepardition

Warning: Contains minor Mass Effect spoilers, no Mass Effect 2 spoilers. You may have read that the Mass Effect movie has been reoptioned. This apparently is news, because I thought that around the time Mass Effect 2 came out there … Continue reading

Pokémon Black and White: The Starters

All my life, I’ve dreamed only of one thing: owning a fire breathing pig. Now, 24 years after the birth of my wish and 14 years after the inception of the Pokémon franchise, my dream has come true. Ladies and … Continue reading

Fallout 3: Ten Hours is a Long Time

It looks, my friends, like I have exhausted Fallout 3‘s usefulness. I was enjoying the character interactions – and you’ll get at least one more case study out of me in the form of Tenpenny Tower, which fairly well disembowelled … Continue reading

Fallout 3 Case Study I: Andale

Having suffered a literal crash course in the mythology of Fallout, my play through of the third series is more informed by its spiritual predecessor, Oblivion, than by its more obvious antecedents. Where Oblivion’s environs were samey and boring, with … Continue reading

A Vague Treatise on FPS Points of Difference

This image of Rapture is not going to be sourced, for the protection of my mental health. As I wandered the aisles of a game store yesterday, looking as always for rare or obscure games (to be played, of course, … Continue reading