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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Bad movies need to stop being made or else I am going to die. Today’s plan was to write a screed about reviews in response to Shamus‘ review lore. But first I am going to have to kill X-Men Origins: … Continue reading

Watchmen: The Ramble

I realised, after watching the Watchmen film today, that I had been approaching it as an adaptation rather than as a film. I really don’t know how it is as an actual film, apart from the fact that it is … Continue reading

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

I didn’t think that the first Hellboy feature was all that great, but I was excited for Hellboy II – probably because it seemed to Guillermo Del Toro appeared, in all of the promo materials, to have taken a leaf … Continue reading

Iron Man: Revisited

Having seen Iron Man again tonight, I have a slightly different opinion of it. When I see movies a second time, I can go either way: the analysis drive can start working overtime, or I stop worrying about what’s happening … Continue reading

Cryptonomicon: No, I think you’ll find that I’m right.

Take this, Shamus! You may recall, if you’re one of my three regular readers, what I had to say about Cryptonomicon. In fact, if you’re one of my three regular readers, you’ve already responded to it, either internally or on … Continue reading

Smell the Glove Fear the Boot!

So you may recall Shamus’ gambit DM of the Rings. Well, Shamus is now owned by the denizens of the internet, and has followed it with a legitimately drawn comic, Chainmail Bikini. The last year has left Shamus open to … Continue reading