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Trailers: The Disparate Mob

Oh dear. I appear to have grown weary of “dopey showgirls in gooey gowns” and come out the other side. After months of the same trailers attacking me from all sides, I’ve been struck by a few new works that … Continue reading

Iron Man: Ticket to Trailer Town

I would complain that Robert Downey Jr. plays all of his roles in exactly the same fashion, but he does it so damned well. I’d say he was the best thing about Zodiac, but everyone in that movie played their … Continue reading

Next! Movies that are Superbad

Nicolas Cage! What are you doing to me, man! On a morning that I felt all warm and fuzzy towards you thanks to Adaptation, I found out that you made Next: Clearly, Jessica Biel is Hollywood’s new love interest … … Continue reading

A Brett Ratner Film

Ah, trailers. Last night, I had the delight of seeing Knocked Up for a second time (and more of that later, because it was much better this time around). As it was when I saw it at Campbelltown, they kicked … Continue reading

Trailer Attack: Hairspray, Stardust and The Golden Compass

I never really put the idea of “John Waters” and “Children’s Movies” together, so I was surprised when I saw Hairspray trailers twice in the last week, both of them at movies with younger audiences in mind: first at Bridge … Continue reading

Set buckles to “swash”

The first Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End trailer surfaced today or thereabouts (actually, a few days ago; I’m not exactly topical at the moment). I’m fairly excited about this movie, because I love swash, I love buckle, and … Continue reading

Trailers: Threat Level Epsilon

Tonight I saw Little Children. Horrible but great. It was the calibre of film that attracts a good calibre of trailer. In addition to the now customary Notes on a Scandal trailer, there were two other good things. They both … Continue reading

Trailers: Threat Level Delta

Because I prevaricated so much, some of these trailers have already been covered in the February preview and the Auspicious Beginnings of 2007 round up. But! This is not just about the movies, but also about their trailers! Seeing as … Continue reading

Trailers: Threat Level Toddler (Alpha)

I can’t believe how inauspicious I made the beginning of 2007. That’s what I get for trusting George Miller. Children’s movies, you see, lead to trailers for children’s films. Some children’s films are good, but you’ll get promos for a … Continue reading

Babel Promo Blitz!

I saw a trailer for Babel today, when I saw Borat for a third time. Borat is funny, but Australians are philistines: all three times, I’m the only one who laughed at “well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten … Continue reading