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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is out in Australian cinemas today. Australia. It’s a tough country to nail down, because so many of us hate the image that we project. It’s called the “cultural cringe”. No one in Australia goes to see Australian … Continue reading


Kick-Ass is going to cause a lot of controversy. It’s about vigilante justice. It’s about revenge. It’s about a twelve-year-old girl swearing and stabbing people and shooting them in the head and cutting off their limbs. The strangest thing is … Continue reading

Wall-e: Popcorn Taxi

What you have to understand is that the idea of seeing a Pixar movie and then having a director Q&A afterwards – along with legendary sound designer Ben Burtt – is one of my ideas of Heaven. If I thought … Continue reading

Popcorn Taxi: December Boys

“Adopt me, damnit.” To bankroll a movie, particularly in Australia, one needs stars. That’s how you end up with something like Irresistible, starring Susan Sarandon, and Jindabyne, starring Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney. Of course, you also need promotion and … Continue reading

Popcorn Taxi: Sunshine

In space, nothing good ever happens. Really, I don’t know why you’d bother. Science fiction from Danny Boyle, the director of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later. That simple description of Sunshine may be enough to sell it to quite a … Continue reading

Popcorn Taxi: The Last King of Scotland

“But you should have persuaded me!” I would love to be the most trusted advisor of a mad dictator. I can imagine the trajectory that this would take, in stream of consciousness: What a nice man! Check out these sheets! … Continue reading

Popcorn Taxi: Catch a Fire

The Third and Final Act of Australia Week An excellent film presented by an excellent interviewer, and ably assisted by an excellent actor and director. To cement the legendariness of this occasion in the eyes of the audience, one member … Continue reading