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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is out in Australian cinemas today. Australia. It’s a tough country to nail down, because so many of us hate the image that we project. It’s called the “cultural cringe”. No one in Australia goes to see Australian … Continue reading

A Brief Foray into Politics

We gots us a new Prime Minister! You can tell he’s going to be good because his face is so easily caricatured!

Tall Men: Australia is good at making beer ads

I was going to write about this anyway, but it also ties into a couple of other things that have gone around. Forget Coke, beer is where it’s at: You may recall Flashbeer from last year. In it I lamented … Continue reading

Popcorn Taxi: Catch a Fire

The Third and Final Act of Australia Week An excellent film presented by an excellent interviewer, and ably assisted by an excellent actor and director. To cement the legendariness of this occasion in the eyes of the audience, one member … Continue reading


Part 2 of Australia Week! We’re Boytown: population five/ At the end of each show, we go home to our wives In September, I said that Boytown looked like a funny film that would be a success. In contrast to … Continue reading


Australia Week: Intermission! A lot of the ads on Australian TV are either dubbed over American ads (which are a true pain to watch), cosmetics ads brought to you by the face of that brand (if we’re lucky, Natalie Imbruglia), … Continue reading

Muriel’s Wedding

Part one of Australia Week! Muriel’s Wedding is the sort of movie that I watched when I was far too young to understand it. Last time I saw it I probably appreciated it more (I remember giving a good case … Continue reading


I decided that, if I was going to see something that wasn’t going to be very good, I should balance it out by seeing something that would probably turn out okay. Kenny, a new Australian mockumentary by the Jacobson brothers, … Continue reading